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Posted By ces016 on Dec 25, 2007 at 2:08AM

Natural or colored, your hair shade affects how the world sees you... and how you see yourself.

Alot of our self-image is based on the perceptions of other people. You partially view yourself through others' eyes and act accordingly. That's why the color of our hair tends to stereotype us.

Here's the deal of what that means for all you redheads, blondes and brunettes. We've also got tips on how to keep your hair looking shiny and gorgeous, whatever the color.

Red Hair

There are very few natural redheads - only 3% of the population is said to have fiery locks. For centuries, redheads have had to fight stereotypes. For many, red hair atop a female head automatically conjured images of wild women, hotheads, femme fatales, sexpots.

Redheaded women are often portrayed as strong, independant women. They are usually seen as feisty Irish "tough girls".

"Red is the new blond," says Tim Rogers, editorial stylist and spokesman for Charles Worthington hair and beauty salons in London. "She is a head-turning hybrid between the moody brunette and the bubbly blonde. She's not afraid to have fun and get noticed."

Red hair compliments brown which seems to be the color in fashion this season. Brown hair with brown fashion can look dull, while red adds more depth and contrast. Red hair also seems to have more shine, which can make your hair look more healthy and beautiful.

Blonde Hair

Blonde is a happy color that reminds us of sunny days at the beach.

People see blondes as having more youthful vitality than other colors, and blonde hair can make you look younger. There's a subtle correlation between youth and blondness, since babies and children tend to have lighter hair than adults.

The Dumb-Blonde jokes are old. Modern blondes are perceived as powerful, independent and of course, still very sexy.

Blonde hair tends to require alot of attention to keep it looking glamorous and healthy, so blondes can give off the impression of high maintenance.

Brunette Hair

Brunettes project a grounded, stable image. Darker colors also connote earthiness. If you are wanting a more serious, sophisticated look, try a darken brunette hair color.

76 percent of American women think the first female president will have brown hair, according to Allure magazine.

According to a study into hair colour and the intensity of attraction, 51% of men thought brunettes were more attractive. Brunettes were described as intelligent, independent and self-sufficient. Two-thirds of the men said the brunette women appeared stable and competent.

Women with medium-length darker hair such as Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Garner areperceived as smarter and more fun loving.